Daniel (Dano) Grayson has spent the last several years since graduating Upper Iowa University chasing incredible wildlife and weather phenomena. His photos range from places as close to home as the Arizona desert, American Midwest and the Florida Everglades to as far away as the High Andes Mountains, Deep Amazon Rainforest, even locations as remote as Rapa Nui. Working as a Field Researcher has allowed him access to some of the most pristine and biodiverse places in the world. The photographs he presents are a catalog of incredible adventures to far off lands with inspiring wildlife encounters sharing via photo, video and time Signature-Blacklapse of the untouched lands that the digital world has long since forgotten.


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  "I hope to never stop learning;  expanding my knowledge has not only set the foundation,  it has become the driving force climbing (1 of 1)behind and doorway to my next adventures"